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Tallahassee Florida - A Wonderful City

A Tallahassee Florida movie theater is the single best place to go if you are looking for a new and entertaining movie. The Tallahassee Florida movie theatre has been around since the early part of the twentieth century. The first movies to be shown there were usually those that promoted local attractions and shows. Visitors would line up outside the theater to get a chance at seeing the movie of their choice. Even if they didn't make it inside the theatre to watch their movie of choice, they at least experienced the excitement of being there in the first place.

Tallahassee fl movie theater

Over the years, the Tallahassee Florida movie theatre has expanded its budget for maintaining its vast array of state of the art movie screens. Improvements have been made on both the quality of the screens as well as the type of seats that they offer. These improvements have led to more customers going to the Tallahassee Florida movie theatre on a regular basis. Some of these customers are repeat customers. They come back to the Tallahassee Florida movie theatre each time they want to see a good movie.

If you love the thrill of the roller coaster ride and want to get your adrenaline fix by seeing some fast-moving action, then there are two Tallahassee Florida movie theatres that you can visit. They are located in the Downtown area of Tallahassee. These two movie theatres are part of the Dreamworld Inc. chain of theme parks. Both of these theatres are part of Sea World's Water World and Adrena Parks. If you enjoy water rides and adrenaline filled shows, then these two places should be on your list for a vacation to Tallahassee Florida.

In addition to being one of the Tallahassee Florida movie theatres, it is also home to several other movie theatres. There is the City View Movie Theatre which is part of the Dreamworld Entertainment complex. This theatre features five different movie screens along with various stage performances and special presentations. There is also the Satellite View Movie Theatre which is also part of the Dreamworld complex. This one features two screens and not only movies.

The Winter Garden Movie Theater is a relatively recent addition to the community. It is located on State Road 24 right off the I-40 freeway. It is opened in early winter so you have the opportunity to experience the spectacular winter scene when the snow begins to fall. It also offers special pre-show programs and late show selections that are shown around the clock. Even though the weather is already beautiful, the Winter Garden theatre offers movie buffs the chance to enjoy a showing of a new movie during this season.

A little further north is the Ovie's Club which is located on State Road 24 East. It has four different movie screens. If you are travelling with a larger group, then this is definitely a great place to be because it is an easily transportable size. It is one of the largest clubs in the area and has several thousand visitors every weekend. There are picnic areas, restrooms, and a gift shop where you will find anything you might need for your vacation.

Of course, all things come to an end in Tallahassee. You will want to check out the nightlife in Ovie's Club when it closes for the night. There are several bars and restaurants along Old Town's main street and they are open until the wee hours of the morning.

No matter where you go in Tallahassee Florida, there is sure to be a movie available for you to watch. The Ovie's Club is just one example of a great movie theatre right on Main Street. Another great one is the City View Movie Theater. Find one that fits your needs and make your vacation even more enjoyable. These are just some of the choices that are available in the town of Tallahassee Florida.