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Top Six Hospitals in Florida

hospitals Tallahassee

There are hospitals in Tallahassee that treat both children and adults with various diseases. Pediatric hospitals in Tallahassee service a number of children's hospitals including pediatric surgery, neonatology, cardiology and pediatric pulmonology. A number of outpatient clinics and specialty departments have also come up to service the growing needs of patients. The following article offers information on some of these hospitals in Tallahassee.

Infant & Children's Hospital - The hospital in Tallahassee that houses an entire wing dedicated to pediatrics is Infant&Children's Hospital. It is a comprehensive pediatric hospital that caters to not only infants and small children but also to adults. Here you can find pediatric doctors such as Dr Richard F. Parks and Dr James M. Zick, who are involved in the field of pediatrics. The hospital in Tallahassee offers different outpatient clinics and a number of doctor's offices. There is a full hospital staff including physicians, nurses and support staff to handle emergencies.

Tallahassee Memorial Hospital - The hospital in Tallahassee that is affiliated with the Children's hospital is Tallahassee Memorial Hospital. It is known for its intensive care unit, which has highly experienced doctors and highly qualified emergency room staff. The hospital is affiliated with the university. The hospital has pediatric departments dealing with all types of children and developmental disorders. You can find pediatric doctors like Dr Samir Melki who has been involved in the study of cerebral palsy.

Baptist Hospital - The hospital is affiliated with Baptist University. The hospital has a pediatric department. The hospital also has a trauma centre. You can find doctors like Dr. William E. Rubenstein, Dr. Robert R. Rothman and Dr. Arthur J. Eskenazi. You can get admission to these hospitals only after having undergone a thorough check-up. You can also find out more about the hospital through its website.

St. Vincent's - This hospital is known for its brain surgery and pediatric services. There are pediatric specialists like Dr James R. Doyle and Dr Edward M. DeJarnette, Jr. who are associated with the Department of Pediatric Neuro Surgery. There are pediatric residents like Ashley Rieder who is a neurosurgery resident and Kevin Tennant, a pediatric neurosurgery resident who is a neonatologist. The hospital also has a cardiac rehabilitation centre for children.

There is an intensive care unit called the Intensive Care Unit (ICU). The ICU has an adult general practitioner, a pediatrician, anesthesiologist, a psychiatrist and a nurse specialist. The hospital also has a transplantation team. For serious burns, children may need additional treatment. You should check with the surgeon or doctor before you undergo a burn treatment at the hospital.

Baptist Memorial Hospital - This hospital is part of the Baptist Memorial Healthcare System. It is one of the most trusted medical facilities in the state of Florida. They provide state-of-the-art facilities for women and men who are suffering from terminal illnesses or those who have undergone surgeries. The hospital has a doctors' wing, a cardiologist's wing and a neurologist's wing.

Children's Hospital of Jacksonville - This hospital has pediatric services for infants, toddlers and their mothers. The hospital also has an outpatient department for adults who suffer from illnesses other than those concerning children. This hospital offers children's hospital care under the wing of the Children's Hospital of Jacksonville. The hospital also has a pediatrics ward and a nursing/childhood ward.

Broward County Memorial Hospital - This hospital is devoted to serving the entire community. It is the primary hospital for the Broward County Comprehensive Healthcare Organization (BCHCO). The hospital offers rehabilitation services for cancer patients. The hospital also offers intensive care units for children, pregnant women and the elderly. It has a pediatric oncology service for cancer, trauma, acute care, neurosurgery, gastroenterology and nutrition.

Holmes Medical Center - This hospital is dedicated to serving the children and the whole community. It has pediatric, geriatric, neonatal, cardiology and orthopedic departments. The hospital is affiliated to the Baptist Health System and the Florida Hospital Association. The hospital has a Children's hospital care wing and an emergency department. It has a pediatric emergency room, a newborn nursery and an emergency care unit. It also has emergency room physicians and pediatric physicians.

University of Florida - The University of Florida is dedicated to serving the medically and emotionally challenged. It is home to the college of medicine. The hospital has pediatric, geriatric, neonatal, cardiology and orthopedic departments. It has an interdisciplinary residency program that has admitting slots for children who need special attention. There are Pottrell Rooms and pediatric Special Care units. The hospital also has a children's hospital care wing that has pediatric psychiatrists, psychologists and nurses in charge of providing the most appropriate patient care.