Floor styling with Bona Inspiration gives wood floors a new look and a new lease of life

How do you give an old wood floor a fresh new look?  The Swedish floor-care company, Bona, has come up with a new concept to inspire homeowners to renovate and update the look of their floors. It’s called Bona Inspiration and it consists of five stylish looks that reflect emerging trends - all developed in cooperation with Swedish trend analyst, Cay Bond.

Renovate or replace? It is an agonizing decision for many homeowners. Floor styling with Bona Inspiration offers a unique solution. It gives consumers the best of both worlds by delivering fashionable new looks – everything from brushed and oiled finishes to pale lacquered or dark rustic looks - without the cost or environmental impact replacing the floor.

The concept was developed in close co-operation with the renowned Swedish trend analyst, Cay Bond. Cay believes that a home showcases your personal identity more than anything else. “The floor has an incredibly important role to play in this, and a cleverly restored floor can change a room and a home dramatically,” she says.

Guided by Cay’s eye and expertise, the new range offers visual effects that are in line with emerging trends. Moreover, homeowners are not restricted to making minor modifications to their existing floors. They can also create a brushed and oiled effect where none existed before.  

Bona’s Product Manager, Patrik Mellnert, sums it up neatly: “By using Bona Inspiration to style your floors, you can do magic with an existing floor in just a few hours.”

  • The concept includes the Nordic Shimmer range, with its four stylish variants that capture the tranquil Nordic spirit.
  • For a choice of three rustic looks to bring out your inner garden, choose Garden Atmosphere.
  • In contrast, New Modern is a style for comfort and self-expression that goes beyond trends and traditions.
  • Malibu Dreams is the essence of California: warm and welcoming, free-spirited and rustic, but above all chic.
  • Finally, there is Touch of Grace for when you want to keep a hectic lifestyle calmly grounded.

Marketing Director Retail EMEA and APAC Jessica Nissander explains, “We wanted to make it easier for homeowners to change the look and feel of their homes, and our floor styling range does just that. You can choose between different looks and styles and create a whole new feeling, just by renovating your floor.”

Bona also offers a unique service that puts homeowners in touch with local Bona Certified Craftsmen. “These trained experts know exactly how to use our sanding and brushing methods, varnishes, oils and paints,” says Jessica.

For further information, please contact:

Jessica Nissander, Marketing Director Retail EMEA and APAC. +4640385500


Alison Hopkins, Marketing Administrator, Bona UK

Tel +441296631898, or e-mail: [email protected]


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The Bona Inspiration floor styling concept is currently available in Europe and Asia. The concept will be launched in the US in early 2019.

About Bona

Bona is a family-owned company founded in 1919 that supplies products for installing, maintaining and restoring wood floors. Bona’s turnover is 2.3bn SEK (EUR 224 million) 2017. The head office is in Malmö, Sweden, and the company is represented globally by its 17 subsidiaries and 70 distributors.

About Cay Bond

Cay Bond is a Swedish trend analysist, journalist and writer with wide international recognition. She specializes in design and fashion and aims to understand the correlation and development of design and technology.